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Stability Balls

Stability Balls come in varying sizes according to your height. They are easily inflatable, hold up to 350 lbs, and are great for posture work, stretching, and strengthening exercises.

Red Stability Ball Image Red Stability Ball Image
45cm Ball    $19.99 55cm Ball   $19.99
Green Stability Ball Image Blue Stability Ball Image
65cm Ball   $24.99 75cm Ball   $24.99
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Fitness Video & Dvd

Image of Fitness Video Image of Fitness Dvd
ABSolute ABS - Video    $12.99 ABSolute ABS - DVD  $19.99
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Stability Disk

Dyna Discs are great little easy to inflate discs for all kinds of stability work. They are great to improve balance and stabilization for sports specific skills like golf and tennis as well as helping to improve core strength.

Stability Disc Image
Stability Disc   $19.99
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Resistance Tubing

Resistance Tubing is a great way to bring your workout with you on the road. These are versatile and can be used for total body work. These tubes have the comfort of reinforced padded handles.

Light Resistance Tubing Image
Light Resistance Tubing
Light/Medium Resistance
Medium Resistance
Medium/Heavy Resistance
Heavy Resistance
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