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Health Calculators

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BMI Calculator
BMI - The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator is a measure of your height to weight ratio. This is used for a general measure of healthy weight based upon your height.

This is not a diagnostic tool but a quick reference point of where you want to be or what you want to work towards.
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BMI Health Chart
Use this chart to determine what your results mean.

BMI Category Health Risk: BMI Health Risk: Adjusted
Below 18.5 Underweight Low Moderate
18.5-24.9 Healthy Weight Minimal Low
25-29.9 Overweight Moderate High
30-34.9 Obese High Very High
35-39.9 Very Obese Very High Extremely High
40+ Morbid Obesity Extremely High Extremely High
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Calorie Requirements Calculator

Calories - When you start exercising, you should consider starting a healthy eating program as well. The majority of weight loss will be reflected in what goes in the mouth. Calories in verses calories out.

There are many great websites that allow you to track your calories once you figure out how many you need. Check out Calorie Counters or Calories Per Hour.

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Calorie requirements for the
following activity levels:
Resting Rate
Lightly Active
Moderately Active
Very Active
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Target Heart Rate Calculator

Heartrate - This is also a quick reference guide for exercise heart rates.

Many factors go into the proper exercise heart rates and you should always consult your physician before beginning a cardiovascular fitness program to make sure your heart does not have any special considerations (such as CV disease or medications).

Using a heart rate monitor is a great way to follow your exercise heartrate. Email Polar Heart Rate for more details.

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While you are exercising, you should count between:
& beats in seconds.
And it should not exceed   heart beats.
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